The Voices: Martineztown interviews.
Conrad Rocha
Carlos Candelaria
Conrad Rocha is a descendant of the founding Martin family. He
grew up on Maggie's Lane where he heard the stories of how the
protestant village came to be
who still lives in Martineztown.
Carlos Candelaria, the son of the longest serving
pastor at the 2ond Presbyterian Church and from
an old Albuquerque family.
Tony Mares
Tony Mares is a New Mexican historian who developed a
one man dramatization, a chautaugua presentation, based
on the legendary figure of Padre Martinez of Taos. He grew
up in the Old Town plaza neighborhood of Albuquerque.
the 1950's 15 minutes. March 17, 2007.
Interview 1. What the United States occupation of New
Mexico meant to Albuquerque. 1:26:00 March 17, 2007
Ted Martinez belongs to the founding Martin family and he grew
up in Martineztown. He speaks of a generation which valued
education and which has distinguished itself in subsequent years
--- those who grew up in the 50's. He speaks of the struggle to
keep Longfellow elementary in the neighborhood during the 70's.
He was then on the public schools board of directors.
Robert Romero
interview 1. February 2, 2006.
60 minutes
Robert Romero belongs to one of the original catholic
families in  Martineztown . He helped put together a
collection of photographs depicting the history of that
barrio and which is located on the walls of the
community center.
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