We know 'story'
when we encounter it.
It is a recognition that
comes from the heart.
What is needed is the telling --- and video is a medium well adapted
for that purpose. The storyteller draws back into the shadows and we
see and we hear. With video the story can be presented rather than
told in a way that no other medium can quite approach.
Here then are some stories
from a transplanted
mid-westerner who is
fascinated by the borders
which crisscross the New
Mexican landscapes.
Street Views a page devoted to video
essays taking the outsider perspective.
El juicio en contra del Rios Montt por el
genocidio en Guatemala. Diferentes
puntos de vista recopilados de la prensa
nacional y internacional.
Border Stories
sketches y bosquejos
de la frontera nuevomexicana
Martineztown: the story in music
a musical tribute to the history of
an Albuquerque barrio
57:04 minutes
Waterloo, Iowa
sketchs of the black
community and
the mexican immigrant
Jim Morrison
PO Box 26581
Albuquerque, New Mexiico 87125
Gingarte Albuquerque 1
15:30 minutes --- a video which asks a group
of practitioners of capoiera to explain.
21 min. English
Laberinto Legal de la
un video de 30 minutos sobre
el inmigrante y la ley de
Español y un version en Ingles.